Aaton-Cameras smart grip handle

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Aaton-Cameras smart grip handle

Intelligent wooden grip handle for camera
Including remote & advanced functions – Delivered with free iOS app
Now available for RED DSMC 1/2 – more brands coming

You dreamed about it, Aaton-Cameras and FoolColor revive the iconic wooden handle of Aaton cameras.
Carved from walnut like the original so copied, this new creation incorporates a Bluetooth connection to communicate with an iOS device which allows you to program the accessible functions for each camera. At the moment the handle and the app are compatible with RED DSMC 1/2 cameras (The RED KOMODO and other cameras will be added soon.)
Equipped with a joystick, a 5-position switch and three buttons similar to those of the beautiful Aaton cameras, the smart-handle-Aaton-Cameras comes to life thanks to the FoolGrip App designed by Mikael Lubtchansky of FoolColor.
The App is available for free on the APPLE AppStore.
The handle is supplied with a cable allowing it to be powered and connected to a RED DSMC 1/2 camera
FoolGrip App designed by Mikael Lubtchansky, FoolColor –
Android version under development

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